To the South of Phuket there is a 100 nautical miles string of inshore islands, stretching from Ko Phi Phi to the Malaysian border. They offer tranquility and many opportunities for exploring.

Koh Lanta / Koh Po

Is a short sail from Phi Phi Don. Here is found a much more relaxed, layback atmosphere without the bustle of the heavily traveled tourist path. A waterfall can be found about 15 minutes walk from the anchorage passing through a tropical rainforest. Koh Lanta provides a secure anchorage for the night with restaurants ashore for eating out.

Koh Muk

Is an interesting island with its fabulous inland lagoon (Hong) known locally as ” The Emerald Cave”. A Hong is a hollow center to an island or room in Thai. Swim through a cave and find your own private oasis with a beach and shear cliffs protruding from all sides. Koh Muk is a unique experience and not to be missed. Koh Muk has a protected coastline for exploration by kayak with typical bays, caves and sandy beaches.

Koh Ha Yai

In Thai “Ha” means five islands. It is a good day stopover with a small beach and a shallow bay facilitating easy snorkeling and kayaking in crystal clear waters with excellent coral formations.

Koh Rok Nok & Koh Rok Nai

Is a group of two islands within easy sailing distance of Koh Ha Yai. A number of excellent beaches with crystal clear waters are found here in a protected channel between the islands. Rok Nok is a great place for drift dive or snorkel in the protected channel between the islands. A local ranger station occupies a small area on Koh Rok Nai otherwise there are no occupants other than other visiting yachts and Thai fishing boats.